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Community News

Hi all,

As most of you will know by now, underlucius is leaving fandom. She's passed on maintainership of some communities, and scentsensuality is among them. The community will now be maintained by sazzlette and aillil.

We'd really love for scentsensuality to get going again. There's still a locked post from yonks ago listing who's up next, and we've emailed all those who're on there and have not yet written a chapter.

We couldn't get hold of the email addresses of some people, though, namely:
bloodrebel333 Got that, thank you. :)
Could you let us know via comment whether you're still interested?

If anyone of you, member or watcher alike, would love to participate, just say so here, and we'll add you to the list.


sazzlette & aillil

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I would love to help out, but I haven't done anything in a loooong time. Is there a superstructure for the story?
You're most welcome to add your name to the list, and no, there's no superstructure. The only prerequisites are that you're familiar with what's been written so far and stick to it. :)
Yes, I'm still interested!
Lovely! I'll add your email address to the list. We have to see who answers our emails first, and then we'll be able to make a definite call who's next and so on. :)
I'm glad you guys are starting again!
So are we! We've all missed ScS. :)
I'm thrilled you plan to pick up the story!

Just a reader -- with plans to re-read and Comment.
You're most welcome nonetheless. *g* Support is always lovely. :)

Deleted comment

Any cheering's welcome!

Re writing in English: you just need a good beta, that's all. :)

Deleted comment

Dear, oh dear. Can't be that bad, can it? ;)
I have started reading Scent and Sensuality. It's great, but I can't find some chapters, 3 and 5. Is there a better link. thanks,
I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the story. :)

The most practical link I can give you is the tag for the chapters.

I've just discovered, though, that ch. 3 seems to have gone missing. Sazzle and I are tracking it down now.
Hi there,

Sazzle and I were finally able to track chapter of Scents and Sensuality three down, and it's up and about now: chapter three. Took a bit longer than we thought, sorry. :) I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless.