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New Mod Post no. 2

  1. A week ago, we contacted those people on the old scentsensuality list who haven't written a chapter yet, namely (in order on list):

    The only person we've heard from is lareinenoire.
    yeats' email address is still missing.

    This means that the old list can't be continued.

  2. People who've already written a chapter are (in order of chapters):


    Apart from underlucius obviously, who of you would be interested in writing more?

  3. Who else would like to participate?

    So far we've got (in alphabetical, not writing order):

    lyras? (Or am I assuming too much?)
    wildestranger (I did get that right, didn't I?)

    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone for now.

  4. Final question:
    Is anyone volunteering to pick up the tale?

sazzlette & aillil

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I spoke with UL about doing a chapter... cannot commit to anything until after September, but if you're making lists, you can list me (busaikkobaby atmark yahoodotcom).
Lovely! We'll add you to the list. :)
I'm happy to do some more, but not quite yet.
Sounds good to me. I suppose you couldn't pick up the thread at any rate, as you wrote the most recent chapter. :)
I've got a start written out (since I was the last person who was supposed to write a chapter), but I won't have the time to actually write anything properly until mid-September or thereabouts. I'm happy to send what little I have to anyone, though.
That's okay, we'll put you towards the end of the list, then.

Sazzle and I think, though, that it'd be better if the person to write the next chapter had completely free reign. Thanks for the offer nevertheless. :)
Um, I have written a chapter, so I'm not sure why I'm on that first list. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I don't think at this time I can commit to participating. I look forward to reading the continuation when it starts up again, though.
Er, that might be because I'm stupid. *headdesk* Thanks for telling me. :)
lyras? (Or am I assuming too much?)

Ooh! Erm, I'm not sure, mainly because while I love reading this, I'm not sure I can actually write it. Can I think about it?
Certainly, dear. :) I'm very sure you could do the whole thing justice, though.
After rereading all the chapters, I'm interested in helping out, but I'm probably going to need some help, as it's been quite a long time since I wrote anything.
Sure, no problem, we'll add your name to the list. I can't beta myself as I'm not a native speaker of English, but there are others here in the comm who should be able to help you.
I'm more than willing to beta/help.