Aillil (aillil) wrote in scentsensuality,

Mod Post no. 3

Moving along

Based on the last two posts, the following list is our new writing order:

thessaliad (Since you expressed yourself a bit wary, this is to give you time to get back into the whole thing, if that's all right.)
lyras (I suppose you're still thinking about it, there's plenty of time to beg off if you'd rather not after all.)

The three people at the end of the list all asked for slots towards the back, we hope it's all right like that for now.

Reshuffling the list is always possible, of course.

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I look forward to each author's chapter!

*off to re-read to date*
Yay! :) I'm looking forward to it, too.
Oh God. I'll do it, but I'll need help and time. I obviously need to reread the whole thing.
No problem. You can contact Sazzle or me any time, our email adresses are in our user infos.

Ahem, same here... ;D
Did you receive my email from two days or so ago?
OK, count me in. But I reserve the right to beg off if I get an inferiority complex about it! :)
*lol* I know what you mean! But I'm very certain, dear, that you'll do beautifully. :D