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Scent & Sensuality

The Regency Potter

5/18/05 08:52 am - aillil - REPOST: Chapter 3 by anonymous

This is a mere repost of chapter three (with permission from the author), which had gone missing several weeks ago.

Chapter One by underlucius
Chapter Two by gehayi

Chapter Three, in which Narcissa's efforts are in vain, and Sirius puts someone in their placeCollapse )

7/29/06 08:15 am - aillil - Mod Post no. 3

Moving along

Based on the last two posts, the following list is our new writing order:

thessaliad (Since you expressed yourself a bit wary, this is to give you time to get back into the whole thing, if that's all right.)
lyras (I suppose you're still thinking about it, there's plenty of time to beg off if you'd rather not after all.)

The three people at the end of the list all asked for slots towards the back, we hope it's all right like that for now.

Reshuffling the list is always possible, of course.

7/23/06 03:44 pm - aillil - New Mod Post no. 2

  1. A week ago, we contacted those people on the old scentsensuality list who haven't written a chapter yet, namely (in order on list):

    The only person we've heard from is lareinenoire.
    yeats' email address is still missing.

    This means that the old list can't be continued.

  2. People who've already written a chapter are (in order of chapters):


    Apart from underlucius obviously, who of you would be interested in writing more?

  3. Who else would like to participate?

    So far we've got (in alphabetical, not writing order):

    lyras? (Or am I assuming too much?)
    wildestranger (I did get that right, didn't I?)

    I hope I haven't forgotten anyone for now.

  4. Final question:
    Is anyone volunteering to pick up the tale?

sazzlette & aillil

7/16/06 04:50 pm - aillil - Community News

Hi all,

As most of you will know by now, underlucius is leaving fandom. She's passed on maintainership of some communities, and scentsensuality is among them. The community will now be maintained by sazzlette and aillil.

We'd really love for scentsensuality to get going again. There's still a locked post from yonks ago listing who's up next, and we've emailed all those who're on there and have not yet written a chapter.

We couldn't get hold of the email addresses of some people, though, namely:
bloodrebel333 Got that, thank you. :)
Could you let us know via comment whether you're still interested?

If anyone of you, member or watcher alike, would love to participate, just say so here, and we'll add you to the list.


sazzlette & aillil

10/25/05 03:49 pm - underlucius - Mod Post

We've sort of ground to a halt. I've had several emails from people asking me what's happening to the story, and I don't really want to let it founder.

Please let me know if you really can't continue. the next person on the list is wildestranger as the others can't make it.

If any of the watchers would like in - also please let me know. I know that a lot of people will be doing fests and the like, so if the general consensus is to let the story die, let me know. Perhaps I'll finish it myself one day, but it would be a shame - it was all so good.

8/12/05 03:32 pm - musesfool - Chapter Six

Chapter One by underlucius
Chapter Two by gehayi
Chapter Three
Chapter Four by underlucius
Chapter Five by balefully

Chapter Six

in which Harry and Remus have a most interesting conversation, and Remus draws his conclusionsCollapse )

Thanks to hiddendaze for the speedy beta! All errors are mine.


8/7/05 09:12 am - underlucius - Moving along...

I'd like to get the story moving again, if possible - so if you are on the "who is up next" list (musesfool you are at the top of that list) and feel you can't manage your piece, want to drop out, or further down the list - please let me know. We've had a couple of new writers join the list - welcome yeats and sazzlette, so yay!

7/3/05 07:47 pm - balefully - Scent and Sensuality: Chapter 5

In which plans are foiled, plans are made, and plans are carried out.Collapse )

6/19/05 05:08 pm - underlucius - Scent & Sensuality Chapter Four

Chapter One by underlucius, Chapter Two by gehayi, Chapter Three by anonymous

Chapter Four - In which Sirius' best horse is borrowed, and we reacquaint ourselves with a certain white ferret.Collapse )

6/14/05 01:53 pm - underlucius - Latest Scent & Sensuality News

Sorry for the delay folks.  I'm pinch hitting for the next piece and I'm working on it, but I'm not very well today, so it may be a few days late.

5/31/05 07:43 am - underlucius - Just a reminder

As I've been asked the question a couple of times, anyone can write a part for this mad story, all you have to do is ask, and I'll put you after the people who have not yet written, and before those who have.

In fact, the more the merrier, because some people are bound to pull out, or are unable to perform.

So just mail me, or comment here!

5/9/05 07:27 am - gehayi - Chapter 2 of Scents and Sensuality

DONE! I am DONE! Thanks to underlucius for the Britpicking and proofreading.

Here's Chapter One by Underlucius.


Chapter TwoCollapse )


4/26/05 02:33 pm - underlucius - Chapter One


4/26/05 02:25 pm - underlucius

Welcome to scentsensuality   A Harry Potter Round Robin Regency Novel.

Anyone can join the community, but you must have permission from the Mods (e.g. underlucius)</span>  to actually write parts of the story.  If you want to join in, and write, just send underlucius an email (underlucius at livejournal dot com) and that should be that,  as ANYONE is welcome. (unless you have appeared on the Summary Executions that is)


See THIS POST of musesfool 's to get the gist of what we are aiming for, and have fun!

PS - I'm working on the layout!! Honest!!
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