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Scent & Sensuality

The Regency Potter

Scent & Sensuality The Regency Potter
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Blame musesfool

She wrote a Brilliant threadline for a Regency Potter Novel and I just couldn't resist it. A Round Robin Novel, each part written by a different person, taking turns.

This is an open community, and anyone can join - but you must get permission from the Mods before you can write a piece of the story.

So, cadging from musesfool This is the premise of the story.

"It's a thing of beauty. I can see it now - the war is over and wizard society is caught up in rounds of balls and garden parties, and Remus Lupin, werewolf, war hero, hovers around the edges, accepted only because of his close connection with the Boy Who Lived and his heroic (yet unspecified) deeds during the late war.

He was James Potter and Sirius Black's best friend, the only surviving Gryffindor of their year, and rumor has it Black left him a decent competence, before the will was contested by the Malfoys. He teaches at Hogwarts, and lives humbly. Young debs will set their caps at him, though he is poor as a churchmouse and a confirmed bachelor to boot; he exudes an air of sorrow and mystery, so attractive to those artsy bluestocking types who prefer the museums to the races. His name has never been attached to any young lady's, though it's whispered behind fans in the drawing rooms of Mayfair that he wears the willow still for Lily Evans Potter.

During Ginny Weasley's coming out ball (rumor has it her engagement to Harry Potter is all but sealed, and hasn't Molly Prewett done well for herself? Come up in the world, that one has. Remember what a hoyden she was in her season? And then making a lovematch with Arthur Weasley - good family there, but no money and no sense.), Sirius Black sets the ton on its collective ear by walking through the doors, austerely attractive in severe black and white, hair trimmed and eyes haunted.".....

Now Read On...


scentsensuality used to be modded by underlucius, but has been passed on to aillil and sazzlette on 15 July 2006.

With grateful thanks for the loan of the fabulous art by: lizardspots drawn as a gift for themostepotente's delicious story Filigree & Shadow

Harry Potter and all characters belong to JK Rowling and no profit is being made from this entertainment.

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